Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lesson 2: Lockerz is a new site that is in beta. You have to have an invitation to join.
Because of that, there is a small population of people who are using this site right now, which means that Lockerz can offer awesome prizes for very cheap, since the demand hasn't skyrocketed yet.

It is an easy, easy site to use. Each time you login, you get 2 pointz. Answer the question of the day, you get 2 pointz. Refer a friend, get 2 pointz. Refer 20 friends, you get double points on everything for a year.

The pointz add up to get you free stuff. I've been a member for probably about 2 months and can already afford either a Wii Fit or an IPod Nano - 250 PTZ. Personally, I'm saving up for a macbook though. And at 1000 PTZ, that is not too bad.

Leave a comment here for an invite to this awesome site and start earning your free stuff.

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